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Yep summer is here!!

The students have exited the classroom. 

 As you sit down you feel a sense of relief, 

Yet in the back of your mind is the question..."What do I need to do to prepare for next year?"





Myself, I always had the best summer "to do" list ever but life just seemed to get in the way!  As I became more experienced I learned that by doing the following my list DID get completed. 

Most important for your SUMMER "TO DO LIST" to work is... ORGANIZATION and PRE THOUGHT.

STEP ONE I made a "to do" list and prioritized. Be sure to cross things off as they get done.  This will motivate you to continue working.  Do not be afraid to make and remake "to do" lists.  This really helped me.  Look long term but focus on short term.  

STEP TWO I used calendars and planned out 5 hours per week according to my schedule.  Some days I might only have 1/2 hour and others I had 2 hours.  If I got more than 5 hours in a week I was thrilled.  Your calendar will really help you focus.  Be sure to put all events on the calendar so you can see what your schedule is for the month, week, and day.

STEP THREE I placed the materials I would need to complete the projects in bins (plastic containers or totes) and labeled them so they would be ready to go! Materials included old projects that you may be revising, curriculum guides, new ideas.  Nothing will hold and delay your progress than not having the materials you need to complete something.  It may be difficult to get back into your building so take more home than you may need.

STEP FOUR I made sure I had scissors, markers, paper, and any other "tools" for creating handy.  Many of these are easily available in your classroom but not at home.

When you return to the "set up" process before school begins again you will feel READY for the upcoming school year!

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