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Promoting research with the young child can be challenging so I like to use topics that they can relate to and for Spring I like to talk about "bunnies and chicks".

This packet includes informational text in a booklet form.  I love this because students can read and reread, highlight key words and key facts and use the text to write an informative piece.  

To prepare the booklet you just collate the pages and then cut them in half and staple the end.

This booklet has 8 pages that covers:  animal type, habitat, diet, life cycle and more.  It can be used over and over!!

Use these pages to gather information to write about.

Prepare an



Use this page to prepare a quality paragraph.

Example:  A rabbit is a mammal.  It has hair and its babies are born live.  I have seen rabbits in my yard.

Students can now use this same sheet with a different opening sentence.

Rabbits live...

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