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During the month of February I love to promote KINDNESS!  I pass out the award cards every time I catch a student doing something for someone else.  When doing this I keep a checklist to make sure I try to catch every student in the classroom doing something positive.  Watch how when you reward one others will work hard to earn an award as well.  Be sure to remind students they cannot tell you about what they did.  You have to "catch" them in the act!!  Click on the picture to download for FREE!  If you don't use TpT contact me!!

Here is another teacher tip I use with every product I create.  There is no need to do different lessons to differentiate. This packet has 4 free math games that differentiate just by using the number of dice rolled.  Students do not need to feel different.  Just partner them up with someone at their level.  You can pick these games up for FREE by clicking on the picture.  If you don't use TpT contact me!!

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