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February is the month of many special events.   

February 2nd 

Groundhog Day

Click on the pictures below to see information about these packets.

Best of all is this 

FREEBIE!  Your class 

will love making

predictions and writing 

about them.

Groundhog Day provides so many wonderful opportunities for embedding curriculum into a theme.  This packet is filled with word work, writing, informational text and so much more.  Making predictions can conclude with data collection and drawing mathematical conclusions. What I also like is talking about shadows and making science connections to the theme. By clicking on the two literature pieces you will see delightful stories to engage students.

February 14th

Valentine's Day

Click on pictures to see details.

This Valentine Bundle is filled with activities to embed in your curriculum with a February theme.  You will LOVE them I am confident.  It also includes activities to accompany these pieces of literature.

Pick up these math games for FREE.

They will be a wonderful addition to your classroom.

February is Dental Health month.  Check out this blog post as I explain how I use the pages in this packet.  Th post also has video suggestions.  Below pick up the FREEBIE for I Lost a Tooth!!  If you do not use TpT contact me!!

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